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  • - Kitsap County CECON, Washington

    "Great video! Colorful and fun enough to catch a child's attention with a catchy jingle to help them remember it."

  • - Colorado City PD, Texas

    "I'm thrilled to have a one-stop shop where I can purchase Cellphone Sally materials and other 9-1-1 items at co-op prices for my public education program (even if I only need 100 items at a time)!"

  • - Will County 9-1-1, Illinois

    "The Cell Phone Sally program is great! It's nice to have such a great tool with all the teacher tips included. I also purchased the pencils and rulers! The students love them!"

  • - Tangipahoa E911, Louisiana

    "Cell Phone Sally & Friends video presents a learning program concisely and in a manner children will embrace. This is an excellent program."

  • - City of Plano PSC, Texas

    "I'm so glad to have a new video out! The kids have memorized stuff we have been taking into the schools. They were ready for a change; new song, new video, new characters."

  • - Patty Capps Bryan

    “I am grateful for the opportunity to share affordable gifts from my911shop with my dispatchers!!!  Thank you for being there for us.”

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