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Cell Phone Sally Stretch Table Cover

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Stretch Table Covers Offer A Form-Fitted Look 

Stretch table covers, or contour covers, are the latest craze! For good reason too. They offer a smooth, sleek look—and with its special polyester material, the perfect canvas for displaying full-color imagery that really pops.

Our stretch table covers can fit a 6 ft. or 8 ft. table. Unlike other manufacturers who rely on the stretch of the fabric to allow the cover to hug the table, we cut ours for a contour fit that requires less stretching and ensures that the design is not distorted when displayed on the table.

  • Made from special polyester that gives smooth finish without wrinkles) even after being packed in a samll stoarge container for weeks!)

  • Comes with reinforced foot for easily attaching to table leg

  • Fits over table with no pinning or clips

  • Our table covers are lightweight for cost-effective shipping and convenient traveling

6 ft. Stretch-$229

8 ft. Stretch-$329

(Additonal Cost for Custom Imprinted Orders- Choose to print on one side, or all 4 sides, plus the top for the promotional statement you want.)

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